Lime is a green fruit that belongs to the group of citrus or citrus fruits, unlike lemons, it has a bitter taste, with an intense smell and a beautiful aroma. The lime is round and lighter green inside. It contains a lot of vitamin C, hesperidin and flavonoid. That is why it is used in food and drink. It is represented in industry and cosmetics. 100 g. lime contains 30 Cal, and only 1 piece contains 22 ml. calcium and about 5 micrograms of folate. Lime contains limonoid, which is a powerful antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals, destroys cancer cells. The natural remedy has antibacterial properties for preventing kidney stones, lowers bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. , improves digestion, prevents constipation, relieves respiratory and urinary infections. Lime peel contains an inhibitor of melanin production. Due to exposure to UV rays, with age, this pigment can cause dark spots on the skin. Therefore, prevent the appearance of spots and the skin should be massaged with lime peel. Very is also rich in potassium, which is why it is an effective tool for eliminating toxic substances. It is highly valued in aromatherapy.


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