Chocolate is made from cocoa powder – Theobroma Cacao, which grows in the forests of the Amazon or on plantations. The tree gives about 30 pods. Cocoa berries are extracted from the pod, 20-50 pale brown berries can be extracted. The seeds are arranged on banana leaves and they cover, so fermentation begins, which lasts for about 1-2 weeks. During this time, the color of the berry changes from red to dark brown. After fermentation, the moisture should be reduced, the fruit spoils quickly. Then drying in the sun begins and it is ready for export and for processing. Cocoa berries are cleaned, fried at a low temperature and a characteristic taste and smell is obtained. After that, refining begins, then grinding, in order to make a paste-cocoa mass. It is the basis for chocolate. As the mass consists of both the butter and the dry stuff of the cocoa berry. Chocolate is obtained from cocoa mass with the addition of sugar, cocoa butter, and emulsifiers. The chocolate mass is then subjected to dehydration and oxidation to improve texture and aroma. There are two basic types of cocoa: criollo and forastero. Chocolate has a long history .In the beginning, they made a thick liquid by cooking cocoa as a delicious drink, which they mixed with soy, vanilla and chili. Through traders, it reached Mexico. Later, chocolate factories were opened in Spain, where the seeds arrived by ship. classy citizens, and it was drunk like hot chocolate. The turning point in the production of chocolate came when a non-alien chemist invented a hydraulic press and managed to separate the cocoa butter. That’s how he got a mass that could be ground into a powder. They got a smooth paste with added sugar and that’s how chocolate is became tastier. White chocolate is made from cocoa mass, sugar and milk powder.


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