Ginger root extract is one of the most popular supplements in the world. It has a very wide use and is safe because it is completely natural.
Many cultures and cuisines use ginger for the unique taste and wonderful aroma it imparts to many types of dishes.
Others value it for its healing properties, with almost no side effects.
What is ginger root?
Ginger is a plant that grows in tropical and subtropical regions of the planet. It is usually brown-green and bumpy. You will notice that it is spicy, but when you swallow it, it leaves a sweet taste in your mouth.
It has been used in Asian dishes for centuries, and it arrived in Europe and North America in the last few decades. You can find organic ginger at your local health food store in two forms: ripe and young which differ in color (the young is much paler).
What are the benefits of ginger?
There is a long list of health benefits of ginger. It is known as an effective remedy against vertigo, and if you mix it and apply it on your forehead, it will relieve your migraine.
It has an anti-inflammatory effect, so it also helps with joint pain. If you have a cold or flu, ginger will ease your symptoms.
It has also been proven to support detoxification and regeneration of the body.
Where can I get it?
It’s available in most well-stocked supermarkets, but it’s better to get it from health food stores as it’s likely to be fresher. As soon as you buy it, you can break off one of its branches and sow your ginger in a medium-sized pot.
Just chop the entire root into approximately equal parts and stick them into the ground. Water abundantly and daily. Keep in mind that it grows in width, so move it to a larger pot in time.
How to use it?
You can simply grate ginger and add it to various dishes, or snack on it whole. However, you can also make a wonderful tea out of it.
Peel it and cut it into thin slices. Boil water in a pot and add sliced ginger. Cover with a lid and let it steam for about 20 minutes. Strain and add honey and lemon.
Some people use ginger-based capsules to help regulate gas and digestion.
How do I choose a good ginger?
If you have never bought ginger before, finding a fresh piece can be very difficult.

Smell it first – if the smell is strong, then it’s healthy ginger. It would be best if you tried one of its legs.

If the taste is spicy and intense, it must be correct.

Are there any side effects?

It is toxic only in extremely large doses. However, pregnant women should avoid it before talking to their doctor.

Also, if you are taking ginger based capsules, always drink a large glass of water with it.

They spread in a moist environment and can get stuck in your throat if you don’t „expel“ them in time. Ginger can cause fever in some people. Also if you have gallstones, ginger can make their symptoms worse.

Always consult a doctor before use, as it can weaken or strengthen the effect of drugs taken against chronic diseases.


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