There are certain drinks that improve cognitive processes, facilitate learning, memory and improve memory. The following drinks and refreshments belong to this group.
Coffee is an excellent antioxidant, it contains caffeine that wakes up and enhances memory. Mostly the most favorite drink to start the new day. It is best to drink after a short breakfast, because it does not damage the stomach. One or two cups of black coffee provides protection against heart and circulatory disease, diabetes. It reduces the risk from Alzheimer’s disease.
Tea There are people who prefer to drink up to two cups of tea, let them enjoy it. There is tein in tea that stimulates the brain, increases memory, concentration and motivation.
Beetroot juice is not a favorite drink, but it is very nutritious. Just one glass of beetroot juice protects the cardiovascular system and improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves brain function and thus results in higher cognitive abilities.
A glass of red wine with a good lunch has an excellent effect because it is rich in antioxidants. Flavonoids and resveratrol are the first antioxidants that protect blood vessels, increase circulation, reduce stress and brain cells receive more oxygen. Flavonoids are plant antioxidants found in the membrane of grapes and provide purple color. If the wine is darker, the concentration of useful components is higher.
Resveratrol belongs to the group of polyphenols that protect the plant from fungal diseases. It is a very important source of the type of wine, especially the origin of the raw materials from which it is made.


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