Sta je sebum?Sebum is the natural fat of our body, which is created and secreted by the sebaceous glands. Sebum is found everywhere on the body, except on the feet and palms. It is most abundant on the face, middle of the back and around the genitals. Sebum is the culprit for the formation of pimples and blackheads. the glands are connected to the hair follicle, and the sebum comes out through the pores, and the eyelids have openings directly on the surface of the skin. Hormones play a big role in the creation of sebum, especially during puberty and adolescence. The creation of more sebum is significant in men. Some hormonal drugs that contain testosterone or progesterone worsen sebum secretion.
There are also some bad habits that cause the face to produce excess sebum:
– insufficient hydration
-exaggeration with face peeling
-using products that do not match the skin type
-using too much powder
Interpretation in fact what is sebum? It is a combination of glycerides, free fatty acids, wax esters and squalene. It is created by a complex biological process that is influenced by hormones, primarily male sex hormones-androgens that cause increased secretion of sebum. While female sex hormones-estrogens reduce the secretion of sebum on the face.
The task of sebum is to maintain moisture and flexibility, protect the skin from bacteria, fungi and various microorganisms. As for sebum, the key is to get rid of excess sebum in a balanced way, but not completely. The face must not dry out because such skin is sensitive, flaky and tightens, wrinkles appear on the face.


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