COLLAGEN FOR BEAUTY AND FACIAL CARECollagen is a protein in our body. There is a difference between endogenous and exogenous collagen. Endogenous is natural collagen produced by our body, while exogenous collagen is a synthetic product created by external factors and serves medical and cosmetic purposes. Collagen is used in facial care preparations. . It improves the structure of the skin, reduces wrinkles and gives the skin radiance and shine. There are various preparations for skin care and beauty:
face creams with collagen for day and night care. The effect of the cream is multiple: it prevents premature aging of the skin, gives energy to the cells, restores tone and elasticity, fine wrinkles disappear, deeply nourishes, strengthens the skin structure, increases moisture level, accelerates cell metabolism.
The gel face mask moisturizes, nourishes, rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. It should be used twice a week, thinly applied to the face and kept for about 20 minutes, then washed off with water.
Collagen drops for the face maintain proper hydration of the skin, retain moisture and preserve existing collagen. The skin becomes elastic and toned. It acts against skin aging, after treatment with the drops, apply a daily face cream.
The collagen facial ampoule hydrates the skin of the face and becomes soft, smooth and tightens the skin. It can be applied to the neck, face, décolleté by soft dabbing. After that, the cream for every day is applied.
Face serum improves skin structure, tone and elasticity. Apply 2-3 drops to the face, neck, and décolleté in the morning and evening.
Liquid collagen for the face hydrolyzed collagen, increases the intake of amino acids, available to the cells in the body that create collagen. Improves the quality of the skin and rejuvenates. The benefits of collagen is to improve the health of the skin.


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