HEEL CAREIt can be said that the heel is the support of our body, we are connected to nature when we are barefoot, we step on grass, concrete, sand. That is why we should pay a lot of attention to the feet and heels, they may lack freedom and natural exfoliation. Take advantage of short walks with bare feet. map of the entire organism and stimulation of certain points will bring a better feeling to the entire organism. Walking barefoot you massage the feet. We often forget the attention paid to the feet. The skin on the heels is thick due to constant pressure. climatic conditions, hot and dry weather, increased pressure due to excessive body weight or fungal infections. Cracked heels are painful, especially in the summer months when we stop wearing socks. Cracks and fissures can appear on dry skin that can affect the dermis (deeper layer of skin), which is rich in blood vessels and can lead to various infections. You can have ideal foot care at home and be your own beautician. Pour warm water into the basin, add sea salt, a few drops of Calendula, Sage or Lavender essential oil , dip your feet and keep them until the water cools down. Then use a metal heel file to remove the first layer of hardened skin. You also immediately stimulate circulation. Hydration is recommended every day before going to bed. Lubricate your feet with glycerin cream, Calendula with the addition of A+D drops or liquid vitamin Well, wear socks and sleep like that. You’ll notice the difference in just a week. It’s enough to exfoliate once a week, do it yourself, mix olive oil and sea salt and vigorously rub your heels. If the thickening on your heels is serious, contact a beautician because you don’t need take risks with unprofessional cutting, you can damage the skin to the point of infection. If you recognize risk factors such as standing for a long time, excessive body weight, wearing uncomfortable shoes, pay attention to increased foot hygiene on a regular basis.


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