VITAMIN FACIAL TREATMENTAfter a hot summer, the skin on the face becomes dry, and wrinkles are very visible. This is the result of the sun’s rays, dry and warm weather, because the face is most exposed to the weather. The beginning of autumn is the best time to restore hydration, elasticity, firmness and nourish our face. That’s why we use a vitamin facial treatment, which is used to slow down the aging of the skin, intake of the necessary substances that nourish and care for the skin from atmospheric conditions. It improves skin health, stimulates collagen production. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which is found in most skin creams. daily face care, as a „cleaner“ of free radicals, improves circulation. Vitamin B complex with provitamins plays an important role in the regulation of altered substances and respiration of skin cells.
Concentrated vitamin preparations are applied to the skin of the face, which also reach the deeper layers. The treatment consists of various procedures: the face is cleaned with a hypoallergenic lotion, then a facial massage is performed, which is necessary for facial exfoliation, thus removing dead surface cells and impurities from the face After that, the face is cleaned and a mask-serum is applied enriched with natural ingredients of algae, minerals that nourish the skin of the face, to give it a healthy glow and a pleasant feeling.
A moisturizing cream with UV filters can serve as a makeup base.

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