WE CHOOSE PERFUME ACCORDING TO THE ODOR OF OUR BODYAs far as perfume is concerned, we use it to alleviate our unpleasant smell or the smell of our body in general. However, the main goal is to be attractive to other people.
A study at the University of Prague showed that when choosing a perfume for someone else, it is difficult to decide because a person instinctively chooses those perfumes that complement their natural scent…
One of the leaders from the team of scientists of this research, dr. Jan Havlicek said „For centuries, perfumes were used to cover up sweat, but we can’t say that they achieved anything, they just chose a stronger smell.“ , and some sour, and some musky smell in accordance with the smell of their skin or their body.
While an expert in smells and tastes from the University of Cardiff, Professor Tim Jacob adds, „Our choice of perfume also has an impact on our personal immune system, the most attractive to us are partners who smell completely different from ourselves. That’s how we would treat a partner according to some rules (if we start from this research) we should buy the opposite perfume from the one we like, which is explained biologically“


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