Tree in bloom 1
People who chose this tree are very brave, curious, eager for change. They are currently not satisfied with their life and want to change it. They absorb new knowledge and experiences wholeheartedly.
Tree in bloom 2
Measured, persistent, patient people choose this tree. They do everything according to logic and plan everything.
They have their own goal, they are very persistent, they go towards their goal step by step. They hardly accept surprises and innovations. They do not like changes. They are true professionals in their field. They are very happy and satisfied in life.
Tree in bloom 3
They are very creative and original people. to his work.
Tree in bloom 4
They are strong personalities, very sincere friends, but they are also dangerous opponents. They are tireless initiators of ideas and actions. They are very ambitious and pragmatic. They are always in a good mood, they expect a day with good wishes and ideas.
Tree in bloom 5
They have deep compassion, are very emotional and have the ability to empathize. They don’t like conflicts, they resolve misunderstandings well. They easily put themselves in the position of another person. They enjoy when the environment is peaceful, they often make concessions out of generosity.

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