Men’s tears are rare, but there are situations when a person cannot hold back tears and will cry. This is not something to be ashamed of, quite the opposite. Every woman will be touched by the tears of her partner and will love him even more. Tears will appear in the eyes: when he sees his bride in a wedding dress or finds out about his wife that she has done a great deed (business, career, inheritance). Seeing a man cry when he sees his child on ultrasound for the first time, then he realizes that he will become a father and because of that he is overwhelmed by emotions. When he becomes father – that tiny being brings tears, especially when he takes the baby in his arms and a new whirlwind of emotions arises. When a loved one gets sick, then pain and helplessness do not allow tears to be held back because they provide relief. When a person divorces, ends a long relationship, immediately he won’t admit that it’s hard for him, but when he’s alone he’ll cry.


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