Nowadays, divorces happen more and more, because of disagreements or in later years they realize that they are not for each other. Mostly children feel the destruction of the family. They feel that something bad happened with mom and dad, if they are still young they cannot to understand what the problem is. Talking to the child about the divorce is a good way, it makes relief from that unpleasant situation. In this regard, parents often make the following mistakes:
*The most significant mistake is forcing children to choose a side. Whom they prefer mom or dad.
*It is necessary to explain to the child that what is happening has nothing to do with him and that he will continue to have both parents, who love him.
*Parents often manipulate the child’s feelings in order to win the child over to their side, but this is a huge burden for the child.
*It is terrible if the child is used as a spy, who collects various information about the ex-spouse. This will put the child in an unpleasant situation.
The best way to get out of this difficult and unpleasant situation together with the child is to seek the help of a psychologist. It is important that the child prepares for the conversation and is aware of what he can expect in the future. Your words should be influential on his psychological life.

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