WHAT YOU CAN DO TO REJUVENATE YOUR BRAINProper research and exercise are not only important for body health, but also for brain fitness.
How many times have you forgotten where you left your car keys and then searched for them in vain? Not to mention the glasses you spent 20 minutes looking for and then realized they were on your head?! Perhaps such situations would repeat themselves less frequently or would not be bothersome at all if you gave your brain the attention you give your body. We often forget that we need to train the brain as well as the body, feed it with the right food and encourage it to develop by learning and absorbing new knowledge.
Physical exercise is very important for the brain, and Duke Institute research shows that those who eat healthy and exercise an average of three to four times a week have 30 percent better mental function. Training increases physical condition, but also concentration and capacities.
Nutrition is no less important for the cerebral gyri. Fats, alcohol, sugar and the like have an equally bad effect on the body and the brain! Food that strengthens the brain must provide enough energy, and includes carbohydrates, fiber, some protein and a little fat. According to the selection of the AskMen portal, eggs with increased omega-3 acids, peas and chickpeas, nuts, fresh fruit, cereal bread give the brain extra energy.
What can you do to rejuvenate your brain and keep it active?
By exercising against brain diseases
In addition to the body, exercise also helps the brain circuits. According to some research, exercise reduces the amount of the stress hormone cortisol, which, when elevated, can shrink the hippocampus (the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning). Studies also show how physical exercise helps prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.
Strawberries and watermelons are nutritious foods
Eat fresh fruit. Although it contains a lot of sugar, it is rich in water and has few calories. Freshly colored fruits, such as strawberries, watermelons and blueberries, are among the most nutritious foods. Hazelnuts and almonds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.
Green tea for better concentration
Replace coffee with tea! Moderate amounts of caffeine can improve concentration and circulation. It is good to replace at least one coffee a day with green tea.
Rejuvenate your brain by solving crossword puzzles
The brain ages together with us, so with age it is necessary to additionally stimulate it. Meditation can be used for this purpose, and solving crosswords or sudoku is not out of place either!
Keep your brain in shape with mental training
In order for the brain to be constantly in good shape, it needs to be mentally exercised. Push yourself to learn a foreign language or something new that interests you. Play memory games as well as chess and quizzes. Be active and test your memory by trying to remember something new every day!


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