VITAMIN-D (CARCIFEROL)The baby needs to be given vitamin D-3 in a dose of 300-400 mg, that’s why we give vitamin A+D3.
From the 15th day, A+D3 aqueous solution is given, after bathing and before milking. It is given gradually on the first day 1-drop, on the second day 2-drops, on the third day 3-drops, on the fourth day 4-drops and on the fifth day 5-drops are given in a teaspoon of tea pour A+D3 drops and not directly into the child’s mouth , due to accurate dosing. This would mean that the baby takes 5 drops of A+D3 vitamin from the 20th day of life. Due to the lack of vitamin „D“ in the baby, softening of the bones, the so-called rachitis, can occur already in the third month. Later, due to vitamin D deficiency, the baby may have a square head and crooked legs as a result of rickets.
In the summer period, if the baby is sunbathing, we stop giving A+D3 drops. We sunbathe the baby naked, from May to September, when the outside temperature is higher than 20 degrees Celsius, we sunbathe him in the morning around 10 a.m. and in the afternoon around 5 p.m. During sunbathing, vitamin D is created in the skin. You have to be very careful, we expose the baby to the sun for 2-3 minutes on the first day, and 5 minutes longer on each subsequent day. Protect her head with a cap, especially if she has already been sunbathing for more than 15 minutes.


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