The ball is the best toy of all timeMovement, movement, play is an important factor in the development of a child. The ball is a toy for everyone, it is simple and magical. In terms of motor skills, it positively reflects on all other fields of the child’s functioning. Physical activity is especially necessary for the child. The child should play the ball himself. chooses. We can conclude that rest, excessive sitting reduces gravity, which greatly affects the brain.
A child who has not mastered fine motor skills will choose the smallest ball, but some children will choose embossed, prickly balls, so let’s leave the choice to the child.
A child from the age of 5 is capable of catching a ball with two outstretched hands, i.e. fists. Indeed, the ball is the best toy of all times, generations and ages. A powerful tool in the early prevention of dyspraxia, dysgraphia, dyslexia that can occur later in school age. various activities include throwing a ball, tennis, table tennis. Playing with a ball excludes the child from the virtual world and TV programs.
The ball is your ally in this.


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