BARISTA IS THE TITLE FOR THE ULTIMATE COFFEE CONNOISSEURThe drink for pleasure-awakening is drunk all over the planet in different ways. Rituals relax us, relieve us of stress and make us happy. Especially coffee lovers enjoy the first sip of this drink in the morning. Some people cannot imagine a day without one, two or even more cups. coffee. If you are a real coffee lover, it does not mean that you will like all types of coffee. Strength, aroma, foam and a good ratio of all the elements that will make it enjoyable play an important role. if espresso coffee is taken, the foam should be compact then with sugar without or with milk.
The profession of barista comes from the Italian word, it refers to a person who prepares and serves coffee and is a top connoisseur of coffee, he must know the origin, types of coffee, processing and how to combine it with other flavors and spices – also prepare various types of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails with coffee.
One skill for baristas is presented, which is called „latte art“, it refers to the art of decorating coffee with milk foam, more precisely to drawing various decorations and icons.
There is also an international competition – the barista world championship, which is organized once a year in different countries. The competition brings together the best baristas from around the world.
Just a few words about „latte art“, it is a new branch of fine art where the canvas replaces the coffee-brush of the latier and the color is milk and milk cream.


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