Eating and breathing are two of the most important things we do every day in order to survive. The food you feed your body with is crucial to your health. Good food – natural food that nature intended for you to eat – will provide your body with the nutrients that are essential for good health, especially for an effective immune system. Bad food – unnatural or processed food – will cause a steady decline in your health and you will become more prone to inflammation.
After almost twelve years in Africa, I was shocked to return to Europe and see what kinds of food people eat here. In Africa, people mostly eat foods based on natural foods and least processed foods because they are too expensive. What grows in your own garden is cheap, and what comes from food processing plants is expensive. In Europe, the food we consume is mostly „dead“, because it contains too much sugar and is mostly processed.
All energy on this planet comes from the sun. The sun gives us warm light energy. Plants use light energy from the sun to produce food in a beautiful process called photosynthesis. During photosynthesis, light energy is converted into chemical energy. This energy is transferred to us when we eat plants, so we consider natural food to be that energy. Simply put, the sun’s energy ends up in your body and keeps it healthy.
It is therefore no wonder that so many cultures worship the sun because it truly gives life to this planet.
However, the food we eat is mostly removed from this energy pathway and processed in factories. Unnatural chemicals are often added, such as flavors, colors or preservatives. Food is deprived of its natural energy and in some way becomes „dead“, and at the same time toxic for the body due to the presence of these additives, which increases the effect of elimination from the body.
The message is simple – the closer your food is to nature, the more energy it contains, and the healthier your body will be.


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