WE FEEL EMOTIONS IN THE BELLYWe often feel hurt, but we understand and feel emotions physically in the body. It is fear, disgust, anxiety that is felt right in the belly. There is a connection between the brain and internal organs. The brain and emotions are in a close relationship, that is, in communication with each other. and they send signals to each other. They are connected through the stomach nervous system, which goes directly from the brain to the stomach. We notice with a lot of emotions in the stomach like „butterflies“, which is stress. stress is the cause of irritation of the digestive system. It can cause abdominal pain, intestinal obstruction, diarrhea, flatus and other discomforts. The body is in some danger, which can be caused by external factors, such as tension at work, relationships with other people and the perpetrator is a stressor. Internal factors are very responsible for external behavior. In order to be in an adequate way, a person must be in good physical shape, have a proper diet, be rested with enough sleep.


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