WHY DO ADULTS CRY?Crying as a catharsis, relaxation and complex response from highly emotional stressful situations.
It can be a secondary confirmation of one’s own state of mind. The most visible sign of crying is tears, but it also includes changes in facial expression, breathing rhythm, which sometimes turns into sobbing.
Emotions are the signals of our soul, which allow us to grieve and cry, although it slows us down and takes energy.
Crying can be divided into: loud, vocal crying or grunting, then emotional crying, i.e. crying in silence. As adults, we cry much less than when we were children, and that crying is much quieter „diving tears“ than sobbing. There is more crying in adulthood due to emotional than physical injuries. Adults cry at home in front of a limited number of people unlike children.
There is normal, healthy crying to express emotion. Often, people with insecure attachment cry inappropriately, cry easily, and are difficult to comfort.
Emotional crying is completely different from tears caused by some chemical substances or onion cleaning, and it can also be caused by funny situations. The crying of adults can be for no reason, prolonged or frequent, especially if it is associated with a mood disorder. Sometimes excessive emotional control, dissociation is considered unhealthy. a defense mechanism when we cry over a small thing.


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