HOW TO BECOME A POSITIVE PERSONPositive people can have various problems, they just deal with it differently than negative people. Spend a lot of time in nature, relax your brain and open your heart. Breathe deeply and enjoy the power of nature. Meditate because meditation brings calm, strengthens intuition and calms the mind. Laugh with to your friends, give a smile to someone you know. It will certainly improve your mood. Stop complaining, wasting energy in vain makes your mood worse. Better to make an effort to solve various problems. Get rid of a bad habit, try to stop watching television for at least one day or you shouldn’t spend too much time in front of the computer. Invent something else, work in the garden, sew handicrafts, maybe it will satisfy you. Do something noble, in order to be satisfied in life, feel balance, fulfillment, we need to cultivate good habits and become good to ourselves and to others.


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