MENTAL AND PHYSICAL PAINMental and physical pains are symptoms that allow the detection of some disease that causes it. Pain has many forms in the form of attacks, stabbing, burning, pecking, branding, shallow and deep pains. It can be localized with expansion, damage to the peripheral, sympathetic nerve, of psychological origin, by the brain, spinal cord. Mental and physical pain are processed in the same regions of the brain. If the environment feels misunderstanding, the sensitivity is greater to physical pain. pain. If he is desperate, poor, unhappy, the pain threshold is much lower and is even more related to the emotional state of the personality. The most common pains here are headaches, pain in the chest, muscles and joints, various problems with the digestive organs, poor sleep, fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite and weight, dizziness. Treatment depends on the etiological treatment, to be removed with drugs: analgesics, anesthetics or some intervention, to bring the person to a normal state.


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