Melancholy is a type of mental illness dominated by sadness, depression, chronic fatigue, sinfulness, listlessness, lack of enthusiasm. In the state of melancholy, the EGO is neglected, dissatisfaction with one’s personality and moral principles. Melancholy can arise due to the loss of a loved one, the feeling is expressed self-pity, painful feeling. Self-torture can be prescribed, which has two functions. In this way, the person expels accumulated aggression and satisfies the need with his own punishment. He accuses himself of being the main culprit. He is persistent or immobile. The vital tone is lowered, it is disturbed sleep, loss of appetite and sexual drive. According to Freud, melancholia is a process of mourning, but without a necessarily permanent loss. Present symptoms of melancholia are:
*Feelings of guilt that are excessive or inappropriate
*Depression is worse in the morning
*No satisfaction in everyday activities
*Waking up early
*Weight loss or anorexia
*Psychomotor retardation or agitation


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