The very word meditation (meditatio), a form of the verb mederi, which means to work-exercise for the development of spirit and body, to heal oneself. The goal of meditation is harmony between body and mind. it happens in the spirit, it takes place in the body and vice versa. Meditation is a process, that is, understanding, which comes from the depths. It enables complete calming of the nervous system, it will purify parts of the aura, in the body, it improves blood circulation, psychological and physical well-being is created. Research has revealed that meditation it helps lower blood pressure, strengthens the immune system, allergies, headaches of various etiologies, reduces depression, anxiety and improves memory. It helps in the fight against stress and recovery from traumatic events. Various forms of meditation have been used around the world for thousands of years. Babylonians, Egyptians and Indians were among the first to practice meditation. Meditation is „resting the mind“ or „not thinking“ – relaxing, training your mind and body. Spiritual life will be inner peace, bliss, joy.
Meditation is the key that opens the universe, so we should take some time to get to know ourselves in the light of truth, to forgive others, correct and love ourselves. To perform meditation, it is necessary to implement various facts:
-Meditation position in sitting, lying or standing position.
-Performing meditation (close your eyes), being in the dark.
-Duration of meditation starting from 2 minutes, 5, 10, 15, 20.
– How many times do you meditate during the day – 1-2 times.
How to meditate?
In the beginning, you should join a meditation group. When you have mastered the meditation exercises, you can continue to meditate in your own home for free.
Be careful!
Meditation is closely related to religious teaching, so various potentials-risks of mystical interpretations are possible. That is why it is very careful not to get involved in a sect. There are different forms of meditation, this is a basic technique, try it yourself.
Meditation is very simple, you just need to find a quiet place – an oasis of peace in the house where no one will disturb you, turn off the phone and computer. You need absolute silence during the meditation.
Sit comfortably on a chair, armchair, floor. Keep your back straight, your spine in line with your head and neck – relax. After taking a comfortable position with your legs crossed, the so-called lotus or „semi-lotus“ position. Place your hands on your knees, palms facing up. Close your eyes and mouth and focus all your attention on breathing through your nose. Do not breathe forcefully, but perform physiological breathing through the stomach-diaphragm, not through the chest. Your focus during meditation consists of INHALING and EXHAUSTING. If you notice your thoughts wandering quickly come back and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling, simply turn off your brain and think of nothing else. Rest your mind and do not think. Some consider repeating a word or sound (HAM-SA). The initial meditation is always shorter. Start with 2 minutes, but regularly once every day. After some time, extend the meditation time to 10-15 or 20 minutes. You can do it twice a day. for meditation, it is important how satisfied you are with yourself. You should be persistent, without analyzing and you should not immediately expect a significant change, be indifferent and satisfied. After the meditation, return to a state of normal consciousness, do not get up suddenly, stretch slightly and move slowly .Besides this simple meditation, other methods can be tried:
This type of technique allows you to relax and focus your mind on positive images, so that you can overcome stressful situations and negative emotions. Relax into the position that suits you best. those wholes. Breathe lightly and enrich your imagination with as many pleasant and beautiful details as possible.
Candlelight Meditation:
Light candles and sit in front, looking at the flames, focus your attention on relaxing your mind and body.
Meditation with counting:
Take a comfortable position and count from 1-10. Pay attention to each number, if you lose focus, go back to the beginning.
There are also side effects, so you should be careful in the following cases: if you have psychiatric problems, you should seek the advice of your doctor because meditation can worsen your condition even more. attacks.
Meditation is for healthy people who would like to relax-rest their mind and improve their mood.


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